Junior Club Cricket is for anyone aged from 7-18 years.

  • Play real games of cricket
  • Different game styles & formats to allow kids to progress based on ability
  • Fun, active & plenty of opportunities to learn through play
  • Make new friends & be apart of a local community
  • We generally encourage 5- to 7-year-old cricketers to get started with Junior Blasters, and 8- to 10-year-old cricketers to get started with Master Blasters, then progress on to Junior Club Cricket.

Our junior cricketers aren’t fully grown adults with the same skill level as our senior players, so we have improved the way cricket is played to suit their needs.

  • There are smaller team sizes to encourage greater match action for all players
  • We have reduced the pitch length & boundary widths for the younger age groups to make sure there relevant to your child’s size and age
  • Gone are the days where junior cricket takes up the whole weekend! We are now offering shortened match lengths with high levels of action & involvement

Rather than playing by ‘age levels’ we play by skill levels. We start with Stage 1, with 20 overs per side, 7 players per team, and a focus firmly on getting them playing the game. This means the games are wrapped up within about 2 hours. The first division – we call it Super 7s – is just beyond Master Blasters, and our kids are playing on a 14m pitch, with a 105g Safety Ball (pads are optional). For those with a few more skills there are the higher grades of “Stage 1 Development” and then “Stage 1 Advanced,” by which time they’re playing with a 125g ball on a 16m pitch. But at Stage 1, nobody gets out.

What about beyond Stage 1? Well, there is Stage 2. This is where things start getting more competitive. We’re now on a 18m pitch with 9 players per side facing 142g leather balls for 30 overs. And beyond that Stage 3 heads towards adult cricket standards.

If you’re not sure where you would fit in, just get in touch and we’ll help you get started.


  • Registrations open now
  • Registrations close – Sunday 5 September
  • Grading day – Saturdays 10 September
  • Pre-season training from 20 September (check with your coach)
  • Coaches and managers season launch – TBC
  • Team training commences – week beginning 4 October
  • Season commences – 8 October
  • Pre-Christmas season concludes – 3 December
  • Post-Christmas season games 28/29 January until 18/19 March
  • Presentation afternoon 26 March