Junior Blasters

Uniting Australian kids through fun and exciting game based activities, Junior Blasters is all about fast-paced fun, friends and being part of a squad.
  • Recommended for kids aged 5-7 of all skills and abilities
  • 60 minutes of fun each session
  • Participate in skill development activities and modified games
  • Make new friends and learn new skills including catching, throwing and teamwork
  • All kids get their own Blasters Pack and wear the colours of their favourite Big Bash heroes
  • Parents join in the fun!
  • All equipment supplied
  • Allows kids to transition based on ability to the adult game
  • We generally encourage 5- to 7-year-old cricketers to get started with Junior Blasters, and 8- to 10-year-old cricketers to get started with Master Blasters, then progress on to Junior Club Cricket.

Each Junior Blasters Starter Pack includes

  • T-shirt with your name on it
  • Bucket hat in your choice of Big Bash team colour
  • Personalised plastic bat
  • Rubber ball

Safe and inclusive for kids of all abilities

  • To ensure the safety of all participants, we use plastic bats and a rubber ball.
  • Activities use softer balls of different sizes, as well as blind cricket balls, so kids can participate and develop at their own pace.
  • We provide an environment focusing on kids abilities.

Each session includes skills activities and a game of backyard cricket

  • Welcome/Warm-Up (5 mins)
  • Activities & Games (30 mins)
  • Backyard Cricket (20 mins)
  • Closing and pack up (5 mins)

Get involved and enjoy some quality time with your child

The Junior Blasters program is designed for parents to get involved and spend some quality time with their child learning some simple cricket skills. Your involvement in the program has a huge impact on your child’s enjoyment, skill progression and achievement.

The Blast Crew is a great first step for first time cricket parents to get involved and have some fun with your child and provide a great experience.

If you’re familiar with the Junior Blasters program have you thought about becoming a Blast Coordinator? We provide online training as well as great resources click here for information.

We like to have our youngest cricketers get started having some fun and learning the basic skills. After a season or two of Junior Blasters they can progress to Master Blasters.

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