All-girls cricket leagues provide fun and competitive cricket competition for girls.

  • Play real games of cricket, each around 2 hours long.
  • Different formats allow girls to progress based on ability
  • Fun, active & plenty of opportunities to learn through play
  • Make new friends & be part of the local community
  • Some equipment may be provided
  • We generally encourage 5- to 7-year-old cricketers to get started with Junior Blasters, and 8- to 10-year-old cricketers to get started with Master Blasters, then progress on to Junior Club Cricket. Girls competitions are recommended for girls 11-18.

Our junior cricketers aren’t fully grown adults with the same skill level as our senior players, so we have improved the way cricket is played to suit their needs.

  • There are smaller team sizes to encourage greater match action for all players
  • We have reduced the pitch length & boundary widths for the younger age groups to make sure there relevant to your child’s size and age
  • Gone are the days where junior cricket takes up the whole weekend! We are now offering shortened match lengths with high levels of action & involvement

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