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Do you know of someone who is willing to put in some time to help our kids - please tell them about our great club.

Do you have access to surplus playing/training equipment, we would love to hear from you.

Coaching - Scoring

Listed below are Coaching Session Outlines and Scoring Tutorials in PDF format, and some links to Coaching Resources on the Internet.  Please feel free to print out the Sessions and use them if you are running short of ideas like the rest of us. 

Also, if you have some great ideas for coaching sessions to share with the rest of the club, please contact the club via the "contact us" page and we will publish the info here.

If you know of any links to Coaching resources on the Internet, please let me know and I will publish the links on this page for all to share as well.


Coaching Sessions Coaching Resources
Coaching Session 1 MCC Coach & Manager Handbook - 2014
Coaching Session 2
Coaching Session 3

Scoring Hints  
Scoring Handbook  
Scoring Hints
Scoring Notes